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We film, create and produce professional HD videos at Lixo. Shooting via location or studio equipment, we edit content from conception to completion using state-of-the-art equipment.

Ads Films

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

Ads Films Strategy

If you have a project you’d like to discuss…

Give us some details about you and your project and we’ll be in touch.

    Just so you know, we’re not in the business of selling your data, nor will we add you to a marketing list for contacting us here.

    Our ads films process

    To create a film, you have to develop the idea into a script. A TV commercial may include a story outline and a script written by an Ad Film Maker collaborating with a screenwriter. At this stage, we evaluate your marketing goal, your target audience, the style of your film, as well as some other elements that will turn your concept into a masterpiece.

    In pre-production, we plan and establish a strategic vision for the project. Outlining your cast, creating a storyboard, setting dates for shooting, figuring out equipment, setting a schedule, and budget are just a few of these. A realistic work plan will be developed with the Producer, setting the speed of production.

    Filmmaking begins with the production shoot. A production event is anything that takes place during production. Yet this state must adhere to strict budgets and timetables to succeed. It is therefore essential for everyone involved to keep the focus on the goal by maintaining effective communication.

    Involves the most expensive aspect of production — the shooting of raw footage. A phase like this requires specific props, equipment, sets, and of course, it takes the crew’s salaries to make it run smoothly. To keep this phase on schedule, communication between crew members and the cast is vital.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. What are the steps to making a great corporate video?

    Be clear about your goals. Prepare to discuss them with your team by writing them down. Excellent communication and easy to do! To achieve your objectives, recruit a sound production company or group of in-house professionals and trust them to do an excellent job.

    02. Is it worth the money I spend on my video?

    How much does your company spend on marketing? Where is your ideal running? You can only determine a business’ project’s investment level. This will be determined by how many scenes, explosions, and crew members are required. If you would like to discuss your idea or budget, please contact us to work with you to get your ideas to life. Our expertise and experience can assist you in getting the best value out of your budget.

    03. Who creates corporate videos?

    Typically, video production companies operate independently. Scripts are often supplied by corporations or marketing agencies to produce these companies – while others provide script-to-screen services. Some video production companies specialize in healthcare or automobile videos. Another type of video agency creates videos and places them on social media and paid channels for clients. The final kind of advertising agency is an agency that produces its work. Based on what services you require, you can choose the right one.

    04. Do you produce commercials, TV shows, and films?

    The writing, production, directing, editing, and technical teams at Splendor are ready to help you realize your ideas.

    05. A reality TV show sounds interesting to me. I know it will be a smashing success.

    Our conversations with you and everyone else. This is not a flip-flop. Every week, we hear something like this. It usually happens even more often. The good news is that if you have money, we can help you with the pitch process since we have contacts in the industry and have worked on real projects together in the past. Your first step will be to develop a pitch with one of our writers. A sizzle reel will be created by one of our producers. Producing a pilot is similar to this process. We are happy to assist with any project, but we do not work on spec. You can contact us for more information about our process and credibility if you are serious.