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Amazon SEO

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Website strategy

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    Our Amazon SEO process

    With us, we research long-tail keywords that your competitors haven’t found yet, including the most profitable keywords your product should rank for.

    The optimisation process for both Amazon’s and Google’s algorithms means that search engines will rank higher for the keywords found in stage one.

    We handle all shipments, and we organise and coordinate the labelling process at the fulfilment centres. Our inventory management software is also available, if needed, to assist this process. We can streamline this process if needed for Amazon store owners even though shipments aren’t directly tied to Amazon store SEO.

    We must analyse the profitability of a market to determine how many sales we have to make daily to rank for the predetermined terms. The competition analysis process we use essentially allows us to determine how many sales one competitor receives and what they do well and poorly.

    We write conversion-oriented copy in addition to on-page optimization. Most Amazon consultants do not pay attention to this important element and instead focus solely on search engine optimisation.

    The key element of BDI is to directly incorporate the major benefits of the products into the images themselves. Over 90% of buyers don’t read listings; instead, they consider pricing, images, and reviews. To create a highly converting listing, it is imperative to have benefit-driven imagery. Our Amazon consulting packages do not offer this service, but they can be added on if necessary.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Amazon optimisation: what is it?

    Amazon optimisation aims to improve your SEO ranking by replicating Amazon’s SEO standards for your product listings. The key to optimising your Amazon listing is to get high-quality reviews, informative titles, and descriptions, as well as excellent pictures. If you need Amazon SEO assistance, don’t worry. We’re here to help!

    02. What is Amazon SEO?

    Amazon SEO entails optimising your products so that they appear in the top search results for customers. In other words, you need to make sure that your title, images, and descriptions accurately reflect what your potential client base is seeking.

    03. What are the benefits of good copy on Amazon listings?

    Including search terms in your copy is essential after you’ve conducted thorough keyword research. You may be able to reach more customers with your listing this way. Your copy should be optimised, so your products appear in search results, but you should also write engaging copy so that your target audience clicks. Conversions and click-through rates increase when your copy performs well.

    04. What is the best way to rank on both Google and Amazon?

    You will rank higher on Amazon and Google if you hire our Amazon SEO service. We optimise your URL structure, Schema and Q&As for Google when it comes to optimising for Google. In addition, a link-building campaign will be launched.

    05. The A9 Algorithm of Amazon: How Does It Work?

    Amazon’s algorithm has been improved over the last year to take into account variations. At the moment, it appears to operate on a straightforward keyword searching method without much thought to how closely a product matches its query. The results should be very similar, if not the same if you do a simple variation.