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Writing unique, original content that’s optimized for search engines. Tell your story with compelling content marketing strategies and drive more sales.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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    Our content marketing process

    Having a solid marketing strategy is the key to success. To formulate an organic search visibility strategy that improves brand awareness and search visibility, our experts do an in-depth analysis of your business goals, the market environment, and your target audience. Based on market research and audience targeting, we craft an informed approach. In addition to an SEO strategy, the editorial calendar includes resource requirements, channels of distribution, and SEO channels.

    The next step in developing a strategy is to create meaningful, relevant, and high-quality content to match it. Content Writers at our company produce unique, keyword-rich, Google-friendly content. We can arrange a full variety of articles, blog posts, and landing pages. Moreover, our experts are adept at creating unconventional formats for presenting data, such as infographics, video, and data visualization.

    There is a great deal of effort involved in the writing, editing, and marketing processes. We’re also experts in content management, streamlined from concept to publication. It is important that we schedule optimized content to be available at the right time for our digital marketing specialists.

    Distributing words through the proper channels is essential to adding value to them. At Lixo, we offer more than just writing content for websites; we also ensure that it effectively reaches the target audience. Along with digital PR, we also offer sponsored blogs, social media amplification, and native advertising. All of these channels are used by our marketers to reach as many people as possible with their content.

    The ROI of a content marketing plan is measured by tracking its performance. We analyze metrics such as blog visits, site visits, engagement levels of users, keyword progress, lead generation, and customer engagement using tools and real-time reporting. Additionally, the strategic plan is evaluated, making any necessary changes to improve it even more.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. What results should I expect?

    We consider website traffic and site performance as key performance indicators for content marketing services. Our goal is to optimize for conversions by tracking and evaluating these metrics monthly.

    02. What is the average length of your blogs?

    A typical blog is between 250 and 500 words long. Although, each client’s expectation may differ in length. Whether they prefer longer and bulkier blogs or shorter, more frequent blogs will depend on the client.

    03. What kind of content will you create for my business?

    Our questionnaire helps us better understand the types of content you prefer and your target audience. The content marketing strategy we develop for your business will specify the approach we will take. Our content developers will begin creating content for your company if you approve of this approach. Before an advertisement is published, you will have a chance to review it.

    04. What is the start-up time?

    Get in touch with us when you’re ready to start. You will be assisted by one of our business development specialists in determining the best course of action. After you approve the contract, we will get started right away with your campaign.

    05. What is your strategy for learning my business?

    We will send you a questionnaire to learn about your business. You will receive a call from us as soon as the questionnaire has been completed, so we can go over it and ask you any additional questions. We’ll do further research and study your company more thoroughly after our kickoff call.