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eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce strategy

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    Our eCommerce web design process

    Our Strategy and Consulting Team can help you realise your objectives by leading your business through new territories. Utilising insight from business and technology, we make sure you’re prepared to handle digital challenges effectively.

    • Customer experience viewed in a comprehensive manner
    • Your digital maturity measured by a realistic benchmark
    • Knowing your goals and opportunities for your business is essential
    • The system, process, and person clarity
    • Understanding your next priority in digital commerce

    Your eCommerce store will be ready for digital growth when you use our data and test-driven optimisation methods. You and your team will reach your commerce goals using our systematic techniques and processes.

    • Identifying the bottlenecks that are the most costly to your webshop visitors with qualitative and quantitative research
    • Create design, copy and layout optimisations based on the research
    • To determine which optimization works best for your business and your KPIs, you should conduct several experiments (often A/B tests).
    • Followed by rinsing and repeating.

    To deliver world-class digital experiences to your customers, our UX Team uses visuals, technical knowledge, and eCommerce psychology. We work closely with your organisation throughout the process to discover and define key user journeys; we then provide a solution fit for success.

    • Establish a solid foundation for your site’s visual identity
    • Personas, segments, and customer journeys are defined
    • Defining the look and feel, and functional requirements with you
    • Validate the solution by creating interactive prototypes
    • Provide customers with a unique user experience that converts

    With Lixo’s cloud services, your eCommerce site will perform at maximum capacity, built onsite and fine-tuned. Moreover, our fully automated systems help your business succeed by helping you run more efficiently, reduce lead times, and make mistakes less likely to happen.

    • Managed or unmanaged high traffic online store
    • Support and monitoring of your website 24/7
    • Security services that are proactive
    • Automatic deployments that are rapid
    • All the expertise you need is under one roof with our in-house team







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. How can eCommerce be defined?

    Websites that allow users to buy online are considered eCommerce websites, regardless of whether they sell products or services.

    02. Is it possible to create an ecommerce website in a short time frame?

    A tailored ecommerce website’s complexity and functionality will determine how long it takes to design and develop. Our team works with you to resolve all project details, and we agree to a deadline after fully understanding your business needs.

    03. What custom enterprise solutions do you offer for branding eCommerce websites?

    The solutions that we offer cover a variety of digital marketing functions, including branding for enterprises.

    04. For an online store, how many products are required?

    Certain stores have low inventories or a small range of products, while others have a wide array of products available. An online store doesn’t require a set number of products, just a product to sell. We’ll take care of the rest.

    05. What is the cost of building my e-commerce site?

    Several factors will affect the price of your ecommerce website. The number of pages, features, technology and other things are all factors to consider. Fill out our form to receive an initial estimate of the cost of your website design. A project manager will get in touch with you when the appraisal is ready.

    06. Does eCommerce development services include search engine optimization?

    During the development of each eCommerce website, we create SEO foundations based on our standard practices. We usually recommend an ongoing SEO plan to achieve competitive keywords, although many of our sites rank purely by development.

    07. Do I have to worry about security on my eCommerce site?

    We use SSL encryption on all our eCommerce sites, the industry standard for website security. Your website will bypass any attempts to break into it since the information is transmitted in a code that is impossible to crack, even if intercepted. Developed in compliance with PCI standards, all websites are PCI compliant. We recommend that you don’t store credit cards on or in your eCommerce website database. Payments can be handled via a 3rd party payment gateway that limits your liability and prevents your website from storing sensitive data.

    08. Do you often redesign eCommerce websites?

    A speciality of ours is redesigning eCommerce sites. To ensure that the redesign exceeds your expectations, there are many factors to consider at the outset. Our team can work with you to stay ahead of the competition and develop custom features that make running your company’s website easier.

    09. Is it possible to get a custom ecommerce development website?

    We indeed specialise in creating customised ecommerce sites for unique brands. All end products are fully customised according to your business requirements.

    10. How responsive and mobile-friendly will my eCommerce website be?

    The Lixo (The best eCommerce development agency) team has been developing web designs that make use of responsive web technology for years. A mobile-friendly eCommerce site is essential now more than ever due to mobile web sales growth. All of our websites are mobile-friendly, and your eCommerce designer will work with you to design both desktop and mobile interfaces for your eCommerce website development.