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According to your evolving operational requirements, we strive to increase performance and efficiency while minimizing operational costs.

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

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    Our hosting solutions process

    Site speed matters when it comes to business! In addition to losing conversions, a slow site can also lose good search rankings and brand loyalty. Because of this, we manage your website cache without you having to install any plugin or tweak your code.

    Most providers charge extra or offer opaque backup policies. According to industry best practices, a backup of your staging and production environments is performed 24 hours a day. Restoring your backup is easy, and you can download it to your computer. Off-server backups are stored securely.

    Most people consider moving hosts to be a painful process. That’s not the case with Lixo. Free site migration from any provider by our experts. During the transition to Lixo, we will take steps to ensure that your website will not go offline or that your data will not be lost. We also perform an audit of speed and security as part of this move.

    Fortune 500 companies and household brands use the lixo platform. Despite its infinite scalability, it does not compromise site performance. There isn’t a problem with the number of visitors you expect, even if there are thousands. Moreover, we do not charge for excessive traffic.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Why should you host with Lixo?

    Our company is one of the best web hosts globally, having helped thousands of clients launch their ideas online. Our top-notch services, as well as our affordable web hosting plans, have enabled small business owners, in particular, to focus on the actual operation of their business rather than focusing on multiple issues, which can arise when choosing an unreliable web host.

    02. What are the performance characteristics of the Lixo hosting plan?

    If you are starting or expanding your business, our affordable web hosting plans are perfect for you. The flexibility of our products combined with the extra resources offered by our advanced web hosting solutions will allow your website to scale as it grows with the resources it needs.

    03. Can you tell me what types of hosting there are?

    A web host can be assigned to four categories: shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated or cloud-based. While all types of hosting servers will serve as a storage centre for your website, they differ in how much storage they can handle, how much control they offer, the amount of technical knowledge you need, and how fast the server is.

    04. What role does Lixo play in my website development?

    With Lixo, you are choosing the best web hosting service provider with the expertise to manage your hosting service and offer support when you have a problem with your account. With Lixo, you can build your website without having to know how to code. Not only do we provide WordPress hosting, but you can create a website using WordPress themes and customizations with just a single click.

    05. Would you be able to help me host my website?

    If you want us to host your website, we will gladly do so. We will guide you with any questions you have about your hosting. You can contact our support at any time. You can reach our support anytime if you encounter a problem with your hosting. To ensure you have a great hosting experience with us, we will assist you in any way we can.