Pay Per Click

A targeted and instant method to put your product or service in front of potential customers searching for it.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

Pay Per Click strategy

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    Our pay per click process

    We help you create and implement a PPC campaign that is tailored to your specific business goals. Our focus is on your target audience as well as your desired outcome. To make certain your campaign is going in the right direction, Lixo asks you all the right questions. Our PPC team members have extensive paid search experience, giving them great insight into PPC and how to get the most from your paid search campaign.

    Dedicated account managers will be assigned to each paid search client. These account managers will work with the client and the PPC team to meet campaign goals and objectives.

    For a brand, it is our goal to deliver results for the long term. With your brand as our top priority, we strive to continuously deliver ROI through detailed reporting – and provide full transparency on how our approach works. Having full visibility over the success of your PPC campaign and knowing what factors contribute to it will allow you to adjust your campaign accordingly. Our goal is to align your expectations with your results, adjusting where necessary along the way. Several factors are taken into account when analyzing keywords and ads.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Which is better - organic or paid results?

    SEO techniques help optimize the page authority and links for the brand to appear higher in the search engine results organically when a marketing strategy is geared towards organic results. Businesses can bypass this and instead appear at the top of a search result by purchasing a Google ad and at the top of search results.

    02. Is there a wide variety of paid search options?

    Businesses have a variety of choices when it comes to paid search. It is Google Ads that is the most commonly used, but there are also Microsoft Ads, display ads, and programmatic ads available. Different options can be beneficial and have interesting quirks, which makes using them a good strategy.

    03. Paid search: why should I invest in it?

    An effective paid search campaign will benefit businesses of all sizes, thanks to how paid search can increase your rankings on search engines and bring more customers to your company.

    04. The advantages of PPC campaign management

    We have extensive experience in a variety of industries at Pay Per Click Intelligence. We offer you the option of identifying your target audience with our PPC campaigns. Your advertising will be more relevant to your target audience if you know who you’re targeting. In other words, you could target your audience by age, gender, location, or any other demographic. We recommend the best type of PPC ad campaign for our clients, which could include search engine text ads, display ads, native ads, and google shopping.

    05. What are the chances of getting results?

    It may take a while for paid search to produce results, so don’t expect immediate results. Your paid search campaign is unlikely to produce immediate results but should show results after about three months.