Social Media Management

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) companies do more than you think. A dedicated social media manager can help you grow your following and sales.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

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    Our Social Media Management process

    Although most people know how to post social content on social media, what you post is more critical. First off, we like to take a step back and evaluate your organization’s existing online presence, your competitors, and who your target audience is. It is our practice not to create content for clients before conducting thorough research. Our team tries to learn as many details as possible about your business and your competition. Although our team is experienced in delivering digital marketing services for various industries, we take the time to get to know you. It will help us decide what content to publish on your social media platforms if we understand what motivates your customers to purchase your product or service. Our overall strategy will better handle your social platforms if you tell us more about your business, competitors, and potential customers.

    For every post, we create a copy and an image (or video) to accompany it. The amount of content we create depends on the plan you signed up for. Depending on the social media platform you’re posting on, we’ll include different calls to action. As a business researcher, what’s important is that we craft content based on the data we find in researching your company. We’ll then create content targeted to your business after we conduct extensive research and develop a winning strategy. By combining text and graphics, we create content that will stand out from your competition and pull in your target audience.

    The social media advertising world is often unfamiliar to business owners. You can put money behind most tweets and posts thanks to advertising platforms. Alternatively, you can create new social media ads to run or boost your existing social media posts. Either way, social media advertising helps you gain access to more people within your target audience faster. To put it simply: it helps you reach more people with your content, website and brand. A selection of advertising campaigns can be suggested depending on the goals of your business and social media. Each objective differs. Throughout the planning and execution of your ad campaign, we will help you achieve optimum results.

    There is a belief that “set it and forget it” is not a successful marketing strategy. Social media changes rapidly every day due to the constantly changing online landscape! You must remember that people are behind “the internet,” and have opinions and beliefs that change and are influenced continually by others. With our social media services, we monitor social media. Our team will monitor your social media efforts for you every day, regardless of whether you sign up for our social media management services, social media advertising services, or both. We monitor your social media for any opportunities to improve your business’s social media strategy and respond to all followers on your behalf.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. How does social media management work?

    Social media management consists of posting on social media, mapping out your strategy, researching your audience, building your audience, and reporting. Clients will gain more followers and then engage and nurture them to turn them into fans or customers via social media. Our goal is to help them grow their presence online.

    02. What are the advantages of Paid social media advertising?

    Boosted or sponsored posts on social media are appealing ways of reaching new audiences. Promoted posts can be used to drive targeted traffic to your profile pages and your website. Paid social can improve brand awareness, boost sales and help generate brand visibility. We’re experts in paid advertisements, so get in touch with us to find out how to reach the right audience.

    03. Is social media management necessary for your business?

    • Your company is being searched for.
    • Social media has become increasingly important to your business.
    • You’re getting mentions on social media for your products and services.
    • Your social media strategy needs to be unique.

    04. What are SMM's key advantages?

    Management of social media can reduce cost and time (saving you money as well). By monitoring your social network, all failures will be reported to you, and you will have peace of mind. As businesses take precedence over managing social media, business owners often cannot provide regular consistency, as social media benefits from consistent (preferably daily) attention.

    05. What are the costs associated with social media management?

    This varies because we take into account how many posts you need each week (or day!) as well as the number of platforms we’re managing. We include a one-time set-up fee, a monthly management fee, a recommendation on an advertising budget, and an account manager in our social media management plan. As Lixo’s mission is to assist small businesses, we price our services accordingly. Overcharging or gauging our clients is not something we do. The quality of our services does not have to be compromised to keep our prices low.