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Lixo offers competitive software application development services backed by comprehensive professional solutions. Adapting seamlessly to your business requirements and project requirements, we provide full-cycle software development services.

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

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    Our Software Development process

    Maintaining and improving your business operations is our goal. With our team’s help, we understand your business operations and gather feedback from your staff to get a better understanding of the challenges you face. Thus, we can discover if there are any critical features of the system that need modifying.


    In many cases, companies do not want their employees to participate in the process since they already have strong ideas about the features they want to add. In addition to being flexible and adapted to fit your needs, we maintain full staff involvement at the client’s discretion.

    As the software development stage progresses, you will gain a greater understanding of the system’s overall architecture. Throughout the development process, the design can be modified and adapted. Due to the spirit of agility, things are likely to change as the process progresses.

    The project’s overall size will determine the timing and frequency of our meetings with you during software development. Our meetings will consist of an update on progress and discussing any changes you would like to see made to the plan. As part of our software development process, we ensure you’re involved in understanding how it works thoroughly.

    Testing is one of the most vital parts of developing a product. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee a bug-free system, and quirks and glitches will need to be fixed to function at maximum efficiency. Before a project is signed off, a thorough testing process is conducted.


    Following the development of each feature, we conduct comprehensive testing. After we have completed the system, we will begin the Alpha testing. We will use the system as an average user for some time so that our developers can get a sense of what it’s like.


    Once we’re satisfied with our work, we’ll pass the system to you to test all the features and search for bugs. In the end, the system is ready for implementation within your organization.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Are there any perks to outsourcing my business's Software development?

    It is beneficial for your business to outsource software development services. It won’t cost you anything to build your team of developers. Expert developers handle your project from beginning to end.

    02. What should you look for when choosing a software development company?

    It is like picking a crew to sail with when you choose software development services for your project or idea. Be careful who you work with over the coming months or years, and more importantly, what could determine your future success. Be sure to triple check the contractor before you make any decisions. For a reliable relationship with the software development services firm, it is essential to contact its past clients for corroboration. The shortlist of candidates you have created has been reduced, so proceed to the verification stage.

    03. How do software development services firms benefit from outsourcing?

    Various businesses can benefit significantly from outsourcing software development. In recent years, companies adopting this working model have sought more agility, quality, and specialization of all processes, while still planning directly to their core business. Software development services offer more benefits besides economies of scale, reduced time, and lower costs. In addition to enabling agencies to establish partnerships rather than just use contract services, outsourcing software development benefits. Furthermore, managers and professionals can easily manage their time and strategically expand their business.

    04. What are the most popular types of software development services you provide?

    Software development services are mainly offered as follows:

    • Custom software development
    • Enterprise software solution
    • Software integration
    • Maintenance & support

    There are several types of software development every few years. Throughout the industry, titles and roles are assigned in different ways without a recognized classification system. The aspects of programming overlap, and there are new specializations every few years.

    05. When designing a software project, what are the key points you consider?

    Besides quality, we focus on cost-efficiency as well at our software design company. While designing a software project, we pay attention to your business values and your target audience’s needs. As we develop a software development project, we take stability and scalability into account.

    06. What can be done to reduce the cost of software development services?

    Software platforms with easily discoverable and adoption-friendly best practices allow for cost savings and better quality of work. Furthermore, planning techniques prevent teams from losing focus due to unclear requirements and wrong assumptions and will enable them to stay focused on deliverables in the context of achieving impacts. It prevents over-engineering of solutions, thereby reducing waste. As software projects become increasingly complex, agile project management becomes essential. Traditional Waterfall approaches are not suitable for managing such complex projects. A team, process, and product are all improved through Agile principles.

    07. If I purchase a software service, will I be assigned a dedicated resource?

    A fixed-price model may be preferred, or a time-and-material billing model may be more advantageous.

    08. Are you also able to develop custom software applications?

    We can also develop bespoke software applications. With our team of software application developers, we have worked on numerous projects over the years. In addition, we have access to the most recent tools.