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It’s not easy to be creative, but we approach it holistically. Having this focus and vision allows us to move forward. Through the combination of creativity, strategy, and technology, we are committed to giving our clients’ ideas priority and delivering them the ideal results.

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

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    Our website design process

    Our web designers create sophisticated user experiences and modern web interfaces that drive conversions and convey the brand’s identity. We share our recommendations, provide design templates, and share our previous experience to allow customers to share feedback and collaborate on the project.

    Confirmed designs commence our build stage once they have been confirmed. As part of the build, our development team will upload the project to a development server, install the framework and relevant systems, and then build the application. Then, our developers will add customized admin features to the front-end website. It is common for CMS systems to grant early access to clients to add content.

    It is thus essential to ensure that the site is effective, user-friendly, and reliable across as many devices and browsers as possible. We run a comprehensive pre-launch test program after building the project, integrating the content, and getting feedback. We check features such as cross-browser compatibility, mobile responsivity, content optimization, analytics, custom scripts, contact forms, and data gathering during the testing process.

    Once you’ve approved your website, it is moved from the staging environment to the production environment and made public.

    We offer our clients ongoing support and guidance, including backups and security for web hosting.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. How much does it cost to develop a website?

    This question does not have a specific answer. The resources needed for each project vary widely. Our team designs and develops custom websites that match the specifications of every company. A project assessment based on our discussion provides you with a project estimate. In contrast, our pricing model is designed to accommodate startup, scaling up, and enterprise businesses. For an exact cost estimate, please contact us.

    02. What are the steps involved in optimizing my website for search engines?

    1. What are the steps involved in optimizing my website for search engines?

    03. What is the average time it takes to develop a website?

    The complexity of the site determines website development time. While we will do our best to meet any deadline you provide us, the pace of any project is ultimately determined by the level of input you provide us during the initial phases, your availability with feedback, content, etc. The average turn-around time for building a professionally designed website is 8-12 weeks.

    04. How do you develop websites using the technologies you work with?

    In addition to JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js, Firebase, and Amazon Web Services, we also offer MongoDB, Oracle, and Linux knowledge. Think about the complexity and functionality when choosing a framework, database, or cloud service.

    05. What are the reasons we should hire Lixo?

    The reasons are many- we build stunning, robust, and cost-effective websites, provide 24×7 availability, utilize the latest web design and development techniques, ensure professional quality standards, and ensure on-time delivery of projects.